Good morning sunshine!

Hello! Ah, it's so lovely with weekends. I've been soooo busy this week with a lot of people around me all the time, so today it's all about me myself and I. At least for a few hours. What's my plans for this day then? Well it's Saturday, but I'm not that partygirl that drinks every weekend so we can just skip that. But I've planned to clean up my room. IT'S A MESS RIGHT NOW! I don't understand how it can end up with clothes and things all over my floor when I have a big room and actually pretty little things to deal with. But that's just how it is. I've also planned to take the bus in to town and look around a little. I'm desperate for new clothes, but Im always with friends when I'm in the town and then it's just hard to look for clothes because we might share different opinions about what's hot and what's not. So today I've got all the time to look for myself. I'll definetly take a look at Myrorna ( a swedish second hand-store). Sometimes you might find really cute and odd stuffs there. Hm, but isn't it quite boring to walk around all alone? Well, maybe I can ask my sister to join me. I guess she might be up for it, at least a little bit. Yes. I don't think I've got nothing more to share with you guys at the moment. But later on I'll tell you a little bit about myself! So, Goodbye for now :)

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Rosita sa...

Oh, so we are going to write in english?
Now I just love you, because I love to write and read in english.
Haha. :)