I told you I would be happy again

I really liked this day, and I liked yesterday as well. I've got lovely friends, that's for sure!
Today I'm packing my bags because tomorrow I'm going to Rättvik. How glamorous ha? No, but I think it can be fun. It's nice with a lot of friends around you all the time. The only thing that's really negative about this whole trip is that it's like missing the short vacation that's comming up. It's like it doesn't exists! That sucks actually. But okay, maybe it's surprisingly fun. I'll be home on Sunday. And here are some pictures from the last week I guess.



This was supposed to be a great weekend out in the sun in the evenings with my friends. Did it end up that way? No. I played videogames instead. Fun. Today I'm going to Barkarby, the only fun thing I'll get this weekend. Gargh, I'm pissed of. I hope I'll buy at least one thing today, otherwise this weekend is ruined. Sorry for my rather negative post, I promise I'll be happier tomorrow.


friday I'm in love

I love this. It's just beautiful yet so simple. I don't have much to say, now it's weekend and it's time to relax. And study ofcourse. You just can't get away from it. Only 7 weeks until the holiday. I CAN'T WAIT.


deplorable people

Godmorning. It's already Wednesday! The time's just rushing away. I don't know if I like it or not. Anyway, the lovely sunny weather seems to hang along for a few days more and I love it. I've been in to town these last two days and the same will happen this day too. I'm going to buy a skirt I found at Myrorna yesterday. After buying that I wont have much money left, but that's OK because I'll get money on friday. I hope you have it as nice as me, bye!


Everything is just great, just great

I can't stop smiling, I just can't. Aaaah, I love spring! Sunny, blue sky, green grass, pretty warm actually. Gosh, I'm in love. And happy. Well, I'm every positive thing you can be, how about that?! The only thing that's negative for the day is school. I just want to be free.



Good morning. Yesterday was OK, nothing more. Much more fun last year. Now my feet hurts, veeeery glamorous.
Today I think we're going to buy me a new desk. That's good, but I don't know were to put it. It's a very lovely weather so I'll be outside a lot. I also think we're going to celebrate my uncle. Busy day. When will I have time for my homework?


Happy birthday

Today it's my dear friend Emil's birthday. 16 years, omg. Congratulations! :)
Today it's time for "diocese candidate for confirmation-day". I don't know if the translation is correct but we'll leave it this way. This day involves theathre, lectures, disco and more! I hope it will be fun. Atleast I'm going with some of my closest friends, so the company isn't bad. I guess I have to take a shower now, and then get prepared for this christian pleasure.


i got lovely friends

I spent the day with these two. I LOVE THEM. They make me all happy inside. This summer will turn out great. Time for food. Bye


it's a sunny day

A lot of pictures of me today, but when it's sun outside so am I and my camera! I just love taking pictures when it's lovely weather. I even took the bike to school today, first time this year. We have SO great weather, I hope it will last forever.



Today we had the final national test in english, and now it was time for the essay. I wrote about my camera. Maybe I wrote a little much but I love it more than 6 pages. Now I'm eating a cupcake and thinking about life, money and the future. Very deep subjects I must say. Today I'm totaly uninspired, sad but true. I just want this semester to end and I want to start at my new school and meet new friends. This coming weeks makes me sick. I just want summer and fall.



The shoes on the two last pictures are my grandmothers from the 70s'. I've wanted them for years, and now they're finally mine! I'm going to take great care of them, they're not just shoes to walk around with in school or something. That's just stupid

My future school

Godmorning! Today I slept one hour longer, and even though it's been weekend and all that I really needed it. Today I'm going to visit my future school. I'm starting upper secondary school (is that what it's called?) this fall so today I'm going to meet all my new classmates. Hopefully some of them are really nice. I guess it can be a great day.


Good morning sunshine!

Hello! Ah, it's so lovely with weekends. I've been soooo busy this week with a lot of people around me all the time, so today it's all about me myself and I. At least for a few hours. What's my plans for this day then? Well it's Saturday, but I'm not that partygirl that drinks every weekend so we can just skip that. But I've planned to clean up my room. IT'S A MESS RIGHT NOW! I don't understand how it can end up with clothes and things all over my floor when I have a big room and actually pretty little things to deal with. But that's just how it is. I've also planned to take the bus in to town and look around a little. I'm desperate for new clothes, but Im always with friends when I'm in the town and then it's just hard to look for clothes because we might share different opinions about what's hot and what's not. So today I've got all the time to look for myself. I'll definetly take a look at Myrorna ( a swedish second hand-store). Sometimes you might find really cute and odd stuffs there. Hm, but isn't it quite boring to walk around all alone? Well, maybe I can ask my sister to join me. I guess she might be up for it, at least a little bit. Yes. I don't think I've got nothing more to share with you guys at the moment. But later on I'll tell you a little bit about myself! So, Goodbye for now :)


Hello, I'm here!

I don't have anything to say but: HI! Don't know if I'm going to wright in svenska eller engelska, I'll let time deside. But I think it will end up in english, because I feel I can relate more to english than swedish. Pretty funny because I'm actually swedish, but we all have our ups and downs, right?
I hope this can turn out well. This blog is some kind of a new begining to me, and you don't have to follow me if you don't want to. I'm democratic so why shouldn't I let you deside? I know I'm just talking crap right now, but that's how it goes when I write in english. This wasn't an important message from my side, but I promise my next one will be a "normal" one. Bye!